BB5 unlock


supported models:

you only need a DKU-5/CA-42 datacable and the unlock software. you will automatically receive an email containing the unlock manual and software after paying for this service!
BB5 unlock € 4.99,-
NOTE: NO AOL accounts supported!
please note that you pay for our service and NOT for the unlock solution!
by clicking on the buy now button you are accepting this.
NOTE: we canīt guarantee the function of the unlock software! but it comes directly from dejan so you know his reliability about unlocking!

readout your BB5 security mastercode: manual!

BB5 models

Nokia 3250 Nokia 5500 Sport Nokia 6125
Nokia 6126Nokia 6131Nokia 6233
Nokia 6234Nokia 6270Nokia 6280
Nokia 6630Nokia 6630iNokia 6680
Nokia 6681Nokia 6682Nokia 7370
Nokia E50-1Nokia E50-2Nokia E60
Nokia E61Nokia E62-1Nokia E70-1
Nokia E70-2Nokia N70-1Nokia N70-5
Nokia N71-1Nokia N71-5Nokia N72-5
Nokia N73-1Nokia N73-?Nokia N80-1
Nokia N80-3Nokia N90-1Nokia N91-1
Nokia N91-5Nokia N92Nokia N93-1
Nokia N93-5 is your cell phone online unlocking service!
use your cellular phone with EVERY provider and make your mobile phone fully unlocked.
remove gsm sim lock - use our simple and free service!

Terms and Conditions:
We are not responsible for any errors you make in providing your IMEI, your current network service, or in entering the unlock codes given. If you enter the unlock codes incorrectly, or if they are generated based on incorrect IMEI and network information from you, you may create a 'hard lock' condition on your phone that will require you taking the phone to a service location to be unlocked again. we are not responsible for the content of external websites.